Pre-lien notices are the FIRST step in the collection process.
If done early and accurately it can be your ONLY step.

How can a Preliminary Notice
protect you and your business?

Owner pays the General Contractor
but the Contractor does not pay you.

Filing a preliminary notice lets the owner know that you are working on the job and the owner will then secure a release from the General Contractor for each progress payment ensuring that you get paid…..timely.

Owner does not pay the General Contractor
who then cannot pay you.

Filing a preliminary notice within the time allowed ensured your right to Lien the job securing your receivables. Should you not be paid by the Owner at that point, you may then foreclose on the Lien compelling the Owner to sell his interest in the property at a judicial sale to satisfy his debt to you.

Person who hires you claims to be the Owner
but is actually a tenant/leaseholder.

Filing the preliminary notice allows us to investigate who the true owner of the property is and notify them of your work on the property ensuring your lien rights and to make sure that the leaseholder and or owner will pay your bill.