Pre-lien notices are the FIRST step in the collection process.
If done early and accurately it can be your ONLY step.

Inland Prelim Services, Inc., has been a family owned Construction Notice company since 1987.  One thing that sets Inland Prelim Services, Inc., apart is our commitment to delivering personalized service that meets your unique needs. We have vast expertise in the California 20 day preliminary noticeThis simple notice is a critical aspect of protecting your lien rights on construction projectsInland Prelim Services, Inc.,  can help you navigate the process with ease. By sending a preliminary notice within 20 days of starting work on a project, you can establish your right to file a mechanics lien in case of non-payment. 

So whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, don’t let payment disputes get in the way of your success. Contact Inland Prelim Services, Inc., today to learn more about how sending a Preliminary Notice can help you protect your lien rights and achieve your business goals.